About Us
Atson Science Sdn Bhd is creating new dimension of personal care and skincare products complying with GMP and Halal. Our production facilities are designed accordance to pharmaceutical cleanroom facilities which is well known for its stringent quality control. We create and customized formulation through breakthrough of active ingredient specifically to suits the needs of your niche and meets regulation.
Our Values – Unique Ways of Business

We believe in innovate, competitive and control as a guarantee of success. We perform a thorough control of all production processes in order to innovate with solid knowledge base that guarantees quality growth, flexibility and highly competitive in the evolving market.


We believe in trustworthy partnerships. To be an exclusive “Partner” brand in professional cosmetics. In close collaboration with our clients, knowing and sharing their needs to grow together.


To be a leading cosmetic company collaborating actively in innovation, efficient and reliable cosmetic solutions, as well as placing our customer at the centre of our management.

Research & Development
R&D strategy is our essential ingredient for high quality cosmetic manufactured. Manned by experienced chemists allowing us to conduct on-going R&D processes and form an integral part of day to day operation and keeping us ahead of competition. This greatly contributes towards excellence formulation an expedited operation down time.

Constantly sourcing new raw material to nourish the innovation pipeline of our product development.

We build and support brand by synergy between Science & Style. Internal research and development laboratories are constantly studying the most innovative cosmetic trends.
Manufacturing area are equipped with clean room and specially designed for low level of contamination. Our clean room come with strictly controlled environmental parameters in term of air particles, temperature, humidity, air flow, air internal pressure and lighting.

We manufacture all our products in our own facilities, constructed under GMP guidelines. We develop quality controls during each of the processes along the production chain. This to ensure the quality and traceability from raw material up to the end product. Manufacturing flexibility ranges from 5ml to 20 litres for liquid and 5g to 1000g for emulsion.